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Welcome to Classified-City 2.0
Classified-City was once a fast growing city in the heart of north america
Now over run by crime and violence, Martial law has been instated with little effect.
Find your own path here on the mean streets of Classified
-Join syndicates   -Steal anything from cars to guns   -Traffic human organs
-Learn special finishing moves   -30+ Awards available


Back to work
Clay420 & Deadpool are officially back on the job!
Classified-City 2.0 will be updated on a regular basis again!
Check below to see our other planned updates.
If your just stopping by to see how we are doing make sure to say hi in our global chat...
We don't bite and love hearing from you.
Best wishes to all -Clay420
Posted:Jul 16th 2018 by clay420

Boxing League
Boxing League mod is in final stages of alpha build V1.4.
Full beta starting Aug 3rd 2018
Current: Open Beta V 1.1 ✔

Posted:Jul 16th 2018 by clay420

Syndicate Daily Challenges
Upcoming mod to look out for will be our syndicate daily challenge. ✗
Points will be awarded to syndicates for the following:
-Thefts of guns, cars and items
-Shooting range trains
-Attacks made
At the start of each new day the syndicate with the highest scores in each category will be awarded with street credibility for their syndicate and the leader boards will be reset.
Planned alpha release date:July 25th 2018 ✗
Open Alpha V 1.01 JULY 16 2018 Available ✔
Posted:Jul 16th 2018 by clay420

City Finds
There is now a 1 in 500 chance you will find a random item while playing the game.
It could be the worst item in the game or it could even be Illuminati packs that normally cost real money or somewhere in between like a weapons and armors.
Open Beta V 1.01 JULY 16 2018 Available ✔
Posted:Jul 16th 2018 by Deadpool

We have now updated our referral system and it has passed our alpha testing stages!
Find your link in the city at the bottom and get your friends to join to get even more rewards!
Open Beta V 1.01 JULY 20 2018 Available ✔
Posted:Jul 20th 2018 by clay420

Voting Sites
We will be adding more voting sites over the next few days
A list of available & working voting sites is listed below
-BrowserGameRank -> OPEN & WORKING ✔
-APEX Web Gaming -> being coded
mgpoll -> being tested
Open Alpha V 1.01 JULY 21 2018 Available ✔

Posted:Jul 21st 2018 by clay420

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